Large American Eagle Pinata

Large American Eagle Pinata

  • $3200

This beautiful pinata makes the perfect decoration and even better party game for 4th of July parties!

Features of American Eagle Pinata

  • SIZE OF PINATA: American Eagle Pinata is much larger than the typical 20 inch commodity pinata found in retail stores. The actual dimensions will vary depending on features and pose of the subject, but in any event, it will be much larger than typical retail store pinata. Depending on the pose of the animal, a pinata can be approximately 24 x 17 x 12 inches. It all depends on the pose, and we will use our special sizing algorithm to get you the right size.

  • FILLER CAPACITY: Large American Eagle Pinata holds around 5 pounds of toys and candy (sold separately), for approximately 15 loot bags.

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