Black Dragon Pinata

Black Dragon Pinata

  • $1200

This gorgeous pinata makes a great decoration and party game for kids birthday parties or Halloween. Just imagine kids (and adults) fighting this beast with a plastic sword while the mighty dragon spits toys and candy all over the room! Pinata measures 18 inches high by 14 inches wide by 7 inches deep and holds up to 2 pounds of toys and candy (sold separately), enough for 8 participants. Note: overfilling pinata may weaken cable tie section, causing it to break faster. Pinata features a black dragon decorated with purple fringe cut tissue paper and print cutouts for wings, eyes, and teeth. How to play the pinata party game: Attach a rope to pinata's cable tie and hang from a tree branch. Pull the other side of the rope so the pinata swings up and down. Guests must take turns to beat it with a stick. Add a blindfold and spin player around for extra fun!

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